Error 48 is generated on opening a .xd file in Adobe XD.

Troubleshooting and Data Collection

When customer report this issue please ask following questions and collect following logs from the affected machine.

Customer Questionaire

  • Which version of XD was used to create the affected file?
  • What is the current version of XD installed in the machine?
  • What is the OS version?
  • Where was the file stored? Cloud Storage, Network drive, USB or external drive
  • Is there any antivirus activated on the machine? If yes, what is the name of antivirus?
  • Was the file edited by more than one designer?
  • Did machine or Adobe XD crash since the customer is getting the error?
  • What were the last steps performed by the customer since the error?
    • Name of the Artboard you worked on?
    • Steps performed in the artboad and name of the tools used? 

Log Files

Please collect following logs from the user machine.
Windows MAC

Logs collected via log collector tool

Logs collected via log collector tool

XD file that is giving error 48 XD file that is giving error 48


  • Open Terminal app
  • Enter “cd Desktop” and hit return
  • enter “log show --predicate 'processImagePath CONTAINS "Adobe XD"' --last 3h >xd-log.txt

(3h = 3 hours, can be set to days ex. 3d in case more time should be captured)

Next Step

1. Go to

2. Click ‘Create’, select project Adobe XD & Issue Type Feedback

3. Provide information requested in Description section

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