Feature summary | Adobe Audition (June and May release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the June release (version 13.0.7) and May release (version 13.0.6) of Adobe Audition.


Adobe Audition is a powerful application for recording and mixing audiopodcasting, and sound effect.

Faster scanning of third-party audio plugins

Adobe Audition now scans VST 3 (third-party) plugins and AU (Audio Unit) plugins multiple times faster (depending on your system set up). These plug-ins can be scanned using Audition’s Audio Plug-In Manager.

For more information, see Adding third party plugins.

Link Media

This feature allows you to relink files and associated session clips using the Files Panel without having to search for your offline clips in the Editor View. All clips which reference the media of the file will be relinked to the new media. When opening Sessions with offline media, offline files will be created to offer relink functionality for the corresponding Session Clips. 
With this update of Adobe Audition, you can relink offline media by:

  • Selecting the offline item in the Files Panel in order to select new media and relink all associated clips of the Session
  • Or from the Opening Files dialog when media is missing

The context menu entry, Link All Media Clip has been replaced with the Relink Media context menu in the Files Panel.

Relinking offline media

Files in Sessions that cannot be found by Audition are still displayed in the Files panel with a question mark icon.

Offline file items on display

Default audio device switching for macOS

Select System Default when selecting audio input and output devices in Audition to use the device that is currently in use by the operating system. The device will automatically switch when new devices are plugged in or connected. This feature is also available in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Character Animator, AME and Premiere Rush on macOS.

For more information, see Default audio device switching.

Audio Hardware Preferences

Export video clip range

While editing, audio and video clip's range are often different. If the range does not match, black video frames will be appended while the audio is still playing. You can now set the export range to video clip while exporting using AME.

For more information, see Export with Adobe Media Encoder.

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