Feature summary | Adobe Audition (March and September release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the March release (version 14.0) and September release (version 13.0.10) of Adobe Audition.


Adobe Audition is a powerful application for recording and mixing audiopodcasting, and sound effect.

Insert mode in Waveform editor

March 2021 release (version 14.0)

The new Insert mode in the Waveform edior enables you to insert audio at playhead position without overwriting. This feature is especially useful for voice workflows in the Waveform editor, Insert Recording mode also supports punch and roll, allowing the speaker to preview the preceding audio before recording the new segment. This makes it easier to match the cadence and delivery of the original performance. Select Overwrite mode if you want to overwrite audio.

For more information, see Overwrite and Insert modes in Waveform editor.

Overwrite and Insert modes

Keyframe dragging

March 2021 release (version 14.0)

Keyframe dragging is now limited until the clip edge and cannot be dragged beyond clip boundries.

Equitable language

March 2021 release (version 14.0)

To better reflect core Adobe values of diversity and inclusion, we have replaced non-inclusive language and reference imagery in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition.

For more information, see Terminology changes in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition.

Faster scanning of third-party audio plugins

September 2020 release (version 13.0.10)

Adobe Audition now scans VST 3 (third-party) plugins and AU (Audio Unit) plugins multiple times faster (depending on your system set up). These plug-ins can be scanned using Audition’s Audio Plug-In Manager.

For more information, see Adding third party plugins.

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