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The March 2018 version of Adobe Captivate Prime rolls out exciting new features and enhancements. It brings to you generation of user audit trail reports and login/access reports, gives Learners the capacity to choose course instances, enhancements to classrooms and virtual classrooms, and much more.  Read on to know the new features and enhancements that are available in this release.

For a summary of features introduced in earlier releases of Captivate Prime, see Feature summary | earlier releases.

Set email to do not disturb

Do not Disturb allows Administrators to block certain emails from getting delivered to set of users. For example, emails to employees who are on a long leave and do not want to receive any email communication, or their Managers who do not want to receive any escalation emails getting generated due to his employee’s overdue learnings, can all use the Do Not Disturb feature.

For more information, see Set email to do not disturb.

Do not disturb setting
Do not disturb setting

Choose course instance as a Learner

Captivate Prime now allows Administrators to create flexible learning programs. A flexible learning program allows learners to select between multiple instances and select an instance and confirm the enrollment. So, if you are a Learner enrolled in a course instance of which the session is expired, you can now switch to a different session to make progress.
All that an administrator needs to do to create flexible Learning Program is to enable the Enable Learners to Choose Instance check-box in the Instances page. As a Learner, you can easily switch to another instance by choosing it from the instances drop-down from the list of courses.

For more information, see Choose course instance.

Retire or Delete content as an Author

With this release of Captivate Prime, Authors can retire or delete content from Content Library. Retired content can be republished if required. Deleted content cannot be retrieved. You can use this feature to remove contents that you no longer use and only retain the ones you require, making navigation easier.

For more information, see Retire or delete content.

User Audit trail

The User audit trail captures the life cycle of users, user groups, and self-registration profiles. User addition, deletion, change in Manager, are all captured. Creation and deletion of self-registration profiles are also recorded. As an Administrator use the User Audit Trail option under Reports to generate reports.

For more information, see User audit trail reports.

User audit trail
User audit trail

Mark completion of a Learning Program and certification

Administrators and Managers can mark the completion of a Learning Program or Certification for one/multiple/all learners using the Mark Completion option available under Actions.

Login/Access report

Administrators can capture the login and access data of users using this report. This can be used to keep track of system usage by learners.

Generate login/access report
Generate login/access report

Classroom and Virtual classroom sessions

  • Unenrollment:
    Instructors now have the capability to unenroll learners from sessions. This also unenrolls them from corresponding learnings.
  • Multi-Day Support:
    Captivate Prime now supports multi-day session for classrooms and virtual classrooms. An author can create CR and VC sessions with multiple days. Admins/Authors can set the Start Date and End Date for a CR and VC module. This indicates that the session is configured for multiple days. Learning Time Spent for a module is also calculated based on session duration per day spanned across multiple days.
  • Time zone support for sessions:
    Authors can provide time zone information while setting up ILT/VILT sessions. This eases an author’s task of setting up ILT/VILT for a worldwide audience. VC sessions are now updated to have waitlist and seat limit.

File submission for activity modules

Activity Module is now extended to support File Submission workflow. As an Author, create an activity module and select the File Submission option. This allows learners to submit a file which can be Approved/Rejected by the module Instructors. The module gets completed only after the Instructor approves the submission.

Submitting files
Submitting files

Define values for Active Fields

Values for active fields can now be defined by the Administrator. This helps in eliminating duplicate entries created by learners while providing Active Field values. For example, different users might use different nomenclatures for the same word (‘San Jose’, ‘SanJose’, ‘SJ’, etc.). If the Admin defines the values, users will only be able to choose from existing values.

Active field values
Active field values

Migration Enhancements

  • Learning Object Card Images can now be imported and linked to learning objects in Captivate Prime using Migration.
  • Job Aids can now be imported during migration and be linked to courses.
  • Badges can now be imported into Captivate Prime using Migration.
  • Badges can be linked to course instances, skill levels, certifications, and LP instances through migration for bulk import.
  • Integration admins can now associate skills to courses in bulk by retrofit migration.

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