Unable to install Captivate in Mac OS 10.12

What to do if Captivate 9 fails to install in Mac OS 10.12.

While installing Adobe Captivate 9 on Mac OS 10.12, you may encounter the pop-up message as shown below:

Error message
Error message

These errors occur when you install Captivate using the local install packages. Perform the following steps to launch the installer properly:

  1. Mount the Disk Image file for Adobe Captivate 9.

  2. Open the mounted DMG file.

  3. Right-click or Ctrl+click on Install.app and select Show Package Contents from the context menu.

    Show Package Contents
    Show Package Contents

  4. Navigate to Contents MacOS. Double-click the Unix executable called Install.

    Install Captivate
    Install Captivate

    A terminal window opens and initializes the installer. You can see the following installation options:

    • Install in trial mode (30 days)
    • Use a serial number
    • Activate using your Adobe Captivate subscription
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

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