Desktop application support | macOS X 10.6

The following Creative Cloud apps support macOS X 10.6.8 and later:

  • Adobe Muse
  • Extension Manager
  • InCopy
  • InDesign

See the Tech specs for information on the minimum system requirements for the Creative Cloud desktop apps.

Adobe has performed limited testing on some Creative Cloud desktop apps on macOS X 10.6.8. The following apps could be compatible with macOS X 10.6.8, but are expected to have issues with features and functionality:

  • Audition
  • Bridge
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash Professional
  • Photoshop

Review the known Issues list for more information about compatibility of the products above with macOS X 10.6.


The Dynamic Link feature does not work on 10.6.8. If the Enable DLMS preference is enabled, Audition tries to start DLMS on launch, or when attempting to open a file that requires DLMS. A timeout occurs and a notification displays indicating that the DLMS process cannot be used.


The playback of video/audio formats that DLMS supports are disabled on macOS X 10.6.


Property names listed in double lines inside the CSS Designer panel do not show up fully if the width of the pane is reduced in size.

Flash Professional

  • Image export crashes.
  • There are some issues with the color picker and color/swatches panels. The correct color is not chosen on stage in certain cases.
  • AME is not supported, so the Export Video workflow does not work.
  • AIR Publishing has issues on 10.6. Simulator and debugging workflows do not work.
  • There are intermittent issues around Code Hinting & Publishing.
  • There could be some issues with "Open in Bridge" and "Launch and Edit" in other app workflows (Photoshop, Dreamweaver).


A crash occurs when you click a colored menu item if that menu item opens an operating system dialog box.


  • Adobe Media Encoder is not supported on 10.6. A warning displays that it is not supported, and Adobe Media Encoder does not launch.
  • A crash occurs when you click a colored menu item if that menu item opens an operating system dialog box.


  • With the June 2022 release of Photoshop 22.4, native support for video editing and playback is now enabled for Mac devices using the Apple Silicon M1 chips. For earlier Photoshop versions, video editing was possible on Intel-based macOS devices only. To learn more, see Photoshop for Apple Silicon
  • Error displays when you choose Share on Behance in Photoshop 14.2, when running on macOS X 10.6.x.
  • Photoshop crashes when you create a Photomerge and have Geometric Distortion Correction selected in macOS X 10.6.


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