See this page for descriptions of new features with each release. New features are released approximately every three weeks.

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See also History of new feature release notes.

New features in 2017.4 (April 11) release

This release includes bug fixes and performance improvements. For the list of bug fixes and additional enhancements, see Bug fix release notes.


New features in 2017.3 (March 14) release

Copy Layouts to Different Project

You can now copy layout templates from one project to another. If the destination project includes a layout template with the same name, you can determine whether to overwrite the existing layout.

App Navigation Gesture Settings

You now have more control over swipe and bezel gestures in your iOS and Android apps. You can enable or disable pinch-to-zoom gestures in fixed-layout, PDF, and HTML articles in iOS and Android apps. In iOS apps, you can enable or disable the pinch-to-close gesture as well as the bezel-swiping gesture (swiping from the left to go back a level or display the app menu).

New APIs for Purchasing and Collection Downloading

You can use client-side purchasing APIs to determine the user’s App Store or direct entitlement purchase status for iOS and Android apps. For example, you can use this information to display different content in a dynamic banner or article based on whether the user has subscribed, never subscribed, or signed in using an expired subscription.

In addition, you can use collection download APIs to determine whether a collection can be downloaded, and you can provide UI to users to allow a collection to be downloaded or removed from download status (eligible to be removed from cache).

See Using AEM Mobile specific Cordova-enabled plugins.

Support for Dual-Orientation Android Apps

When you build an Android app, you can make it portrait-only, landscape-only, or both—as with iOS apps. If you specify the “Both” option when building your app, browse pages, HTML articles, and smooth scrolling PDF articles fill the screen in either orientation. InDesign-based or PDF-based fixed-layout articles are letterboxed to fit the screen when users rotate the device away from the article’s target orientation.

Desktop Web Viewer Enhancements

Desktop Web Viewer now includes features previously made available in iOS and Android apps. Entitlement-aware search and the navigation goto formats for search and settings are now supported.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

This release includes security enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes. For a list of bug fixes and additional enhancements, see Bug fix release notes.


Previous new feature release notes

For previous new feature release notes, see History of new feature release notes.