Installer for Creative Cloud app is stuck | Advanced troubleshooting

If the installer for your Creative Cloud app is stuck after multiple troubleshooting attempts, try the advanced solutions below.

 Try this first. Repairing or uninstalling the Creative Cloud desktop app usually fixes this issue.

Make sure your connection isn't being blocked

A bad WIFI connection, antivirus software, or firewalls can prevent the completion of your installation.

Try a different Internet connection

If you're connected via WiFi, try a wired connection. If you're connected via a wired connection, try using a different cable.

Temporarily disable antivirus software

Disable the antivirus software temporarily and try to install the app again. See your antivirus documentation for information on how to disable virus check temporarily.

Configure your software firewall

Software firewalls restrict access to your computer. Some software firewalls prompt you when a program attempts to access the Internet.

  • If prompted, allow the Creative Cloud desktop app to access the Internet.
  • If you are not prompted, temporarily disable the firewall and try the installation again. (See your firewall software documentation for help.)

Configure hardware firewalls or proxies

Many organizations use a hardware firewall and proxy server that can prevent software from accessing an outside server. A hardware solution applies to all computers within the corporate network. Most home networks do not use hardware firewall or proxy technology.

Contact your company’s IT department to obtain firewall or proxy information.

Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool

If you are still having trouble installing, try the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool. It removes installation records and corrupt files that cause installation issues. Learn how you can download and run the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.


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