Reinitiate asset migration to move users' assets to a business profile

As an administrator, you can provide users in your organization another attempt to migrate their assets to their business profile if some users selected to keep assets in their personal profile previously.


    For users who have multiple business plans, assets are left in their personal profile since Adobe cannot distinguish which assets belong to which business profile. Users will need to move their assets manually to the applicable business profile.


For users who have a personal plan in addition to a plan provided by a business associated with the same email address, Adobe creates separate profiles for each of their plans with dedicated storage. When the new profile experience is ready, on sign-in, Adobe presents the users with profiles identified under their account. The users can choose to move the content from their Adobe Cloud storage to one of these profiles.

Profile setup screens

At this point, if the users mistakenly select the personal profile, they can do either of the following to move the content to the business profile later:

After you reinitiate the asset migration workflow, the users can move their content automatically to the business profile.

Reinitiate asset migration

Applies to: Administrators

As an administrator, to reinitiate the automated asset migration workflow, you must remove the users from the Admin Console and then, add them back.


Users may receive several email updates as part of this process.

Remove the users from the Admin Console

To remove the users, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Users > Directory Users.

  2. From the list of directories, select the Business ID directory.

  3. From the list of users that displays, select users by clicking the check boxes next to their names.


    Removing a user will remove all assets in the user's business profile. Ensure that you reclaim the assets or have the user back up assets offline before you begin this process.

  4. Click Remove Users > Remove Users.

    Remove users

  5. If there is any content in the user's profile, the Action required before removing users screen appears. From the list of options, choose one of the following, and then click Next:

    • Transfer content now: Folder content is sent through email to a designated user. If you choose this option, specify the email address of the designated user that receives the content. You can specify the email address of any supported identity type of a user in your organization.
    • Transfer content later: The folder content remains in the Inactive User tab until it is permanently deleted.
    • Permanently delete content: The folder is permanently deleted with no option to retrieve the content.

    Learn more about reclaiming assets.


    If you're removing users using bulk operations, the default option of Transfer content later is automatically followed. The assets of the deleted users are available in the Inactive Users tab under Storage > Individual User Folders.

    Reclaim assets

  6. In the confirmation screen, click Remove Users.

Add the users back to the Admin Console

To add the users, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Users > Users.

  2. Click Add User to add the users back.
    To add users in bulk, see add multiple users.

Accept invite to join your organization and migrate assets

Applies to: Users

If your admin has removed and invited you back to the organization, it reinitiates the asset migration workflow for you. Ensure that you save your work, sign out, and exit all the Adobe applications. Also, you will receive several emails when you are removed from the Adobe Admin Console organization and then added back.

Look out for an email that has "Get Started" in the subject line and then do the following:

  1. Click Get Started in the email.

    Get Started email

  2. Sign in on the screen that appears.

  3. The Welcome screen provides information on your new profile. Click Join team.

    Welcome screen

  4. The next screen will prompt you to choose where you want to move your content—your business profile or your personal profile. Select the business profile.

    Where would you like to move your existing content?

  5. Confirm your selection on the next screen.

    Confirm your profile selection

    Your account will be updated in a few minutes with the content in your business profile. You will receive an email notification once the content is moved. Sign in with your business profile to start working on your content.

    Learn more about managing your profiles.


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