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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets generates video renditions for video assets of various formats including OGG, FLV, and so on.

AEM Assets supports static and dynamic renditions (DM-encoded renditions) for media assets.

Static renditions are generated natively using FFMPEG (installed and available on the system path) and stored in the content repository.

The DM-encoded renditions are stored in the proxy server and served at runtime.

AEM assets provide playback support for these renditions on the client side.

To view the renditions of a particular video asset, open its asset page, and click/tap the GlobalNav icon. Then, choose Renditions from the list.


The list of video renditions are displayed in the Renditions panel. 


To configure the proxy server for DM-encoded renditions, configure Dynamic Media Cloud services.

To generate video renditions with desired parameters, create a corresponding video profile.

After you configure the proxy server and create video profiles, you can include this video preset in a processing profile and apply the processing profile to a folder.


Audio playback do not work for OGG and WAV files on Internet Explorer 11. An error "Invalid Source " shows up on the asset details page for assets with extension OGG or WAV.

On MS Edge and iPad , OGG files do not play and raise an Unsupported format error.