Find answers to general questions about uploading files to Scene7.

Does an upload job stop if a user logs out while an upload is in progress?

If the user is uploading images from the desktop, and the user logs out in the middle of the upload, an upload job error results. If the user uploads images using the Via FTP tab, then the upload job isn't affected. The assets are uploaded even if the user logs out of SPS.

Is there a limit to the number of assets to be upload to Scene7 via FTP?

There is no exact limit on number of assets to upload. But there is a pragmatic limit as many different factors limit the processing power of our environment . Adobe is increasing throughput continually.

Run large-scale uploads (for example 50,000 images) in off-peak (nonbusiness hours). Discuss initial image loads (for example, for a new customer uploading hundreds of thousands of images) with Tech Support or your implementation consultant. They can advise on the most effective setup.

Is it possible for an admin to kick off an upload job that includes the content in individual contributors FTP accounts?

The Media Portal Upload via FTP is designed to allow a user to have their own FTP account, and configure their Upload via FTP jobs. It would be an enhancement to extend this functionality to admin control over all user accounts in a company.

Does Media Portal Upload via FTP provide logging to indicate which user uploaded content?

When a Media Portal Upload via FTP job runs, the job logs show which MP user kicked off the upload job in the “Submitted By” column. Similarly, if you look at the asset in SPS, you can determine who uploaded it by looking at the “Created By” field.

Is it possible to upload from a specific FTP folder instead of the entire FTP account into SPS?

See the Help instructions under "Upload files using Via FTP." The instructions mention how to choose the FTP folder from which to upload files. Make sure to select "Include Subfolders" if you want to upload the contents of the subfolders under the source folder and create the same subfolder under the destination folder.

How do I use upload files via FTP?

Detailed instructions for Upload via FTP are available in Help:

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