Insert or Edit HTML preview unavailable


HTML code inserted in an InDesign document shows a static image instead of a preview.

Starting with InDesign 17.4, you'll see the following message in the Insert/Edit HTML dialog:

Code snippet preview generation is temporarily unavailable.

Preview unavailable for Insert HTML
Insert HTML preview unavailable in InDesign

Static image displayed with Insert or Edit HTML
Static preview for Insert HTML

You cannot see the preview of the HTML code. However, the images or graphics added through the Insert/Edit HTML option will:

  • Retain the original layout and dimensions.
  • Display the right image or graphic after you export the InDesign file.


Update InDesign to version 18.0 or later, and you can install the free plugin Insert HTML Preview for InDesign for Windows or macOS to see the preview. You can also install and manage your plugins from InDesign.

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