Third Party Custom Data Link issues in InDesign 2018

In InDesign 2018, the status of links managed by a plug-in using custom datalinks do not update correctly in the Links panel and high-resolution assets are exported in low resolution.

  • To resolve the first issue, add the line below to the resource handler boss e.g., file in CustomDataLink sample plug-in.
        IID_ILINKRESOURCEHELPERHANDLER, kFileLinkResourceHelperHandlerImpl,
  • To resolve the low resolution export issue, use the following snippet in the ResourceHandler implementation e.g., CustomDataLinkResourceHandler.h for CustomDataLink sample plug-in.
virtual bool CanProvideFile(const UIDRef& ref, const URI& uri) 
 return true;
virtual ErrorCode GetFile(const UIDRef& ref, const URI& uri, IDFile& idFile)
                if (Utils<ICusDtLnkFacade>()->URIToIDFile(uri, idFile))
                                return kSuccess;
                return kFailure;




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