See how Tim Goodman uses Adobe Capture CC and Adobe Illustrator to turn captured shapes into a finished poster. (Watch, 2 min) And then read the tutorial.

Copy Tim Goodman's library to your Creative Cloud libraries (optional)

If you want to re-create Tim Goodman’s poster, open the Tim Goodman’s Poster library. Click Save to Creative Cloud to create a copy of the library in your own account.

Once in your Creative Cloud Libraries, you can use these assets to capture a sketch with Adobe Capture CC. Then open your sketch in Illustrator CC to refine your artwork.

Note: You need to be signed in to your Creative Cloud account to save the library. 

Copy Tim Goodman's library to your Creative Cloud Libraries

Capture a shape  

Launch Capture CC, tap Shapes and then plus (+), and point your camera at your own sketch or anything that inspires you. Adjust the slider to get the amount of detail you want, and then tap the Capture button to trace the sketch and create a vector version. Name the file, choose the appropriate Creative Cloud library, and then save your shape. 

For more about using shapes in Capture CC, see Capture shapes for Illustrator

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Capture CC on an iPhone. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Capture a shape

Optional: If you are re-creating Tim's poster, tap the icon to the right of the Capture button. Tap the Creative Cloud option and choose the Library Assets drop-down. Then select the Tim Goodman’s Poster library you copied in Step 1.

Choose Tim Goodman Poster and tap Open. Now you can refine the image as needed. 

Note: If you have set up an Adobe Stock account, Adobe Stock will appear as an additional Capture From option.

Choose Library Assets

Add the shape from your Creative Cloud Libraries

In Illustrator, create a new document and choose Windows > Libraries to access your Creative Cloud Libraries. Select the library where you stored your captured sketch and drag the shape onto the artboard.

Add the shape from your Creative Cloud Libraries

Create solid shapes 

Click the Shape Builder tool over the area inside the letter shapes. A new solid shape is created. Repeat this process for each letter you want to include in your poster.

Tip: Select all shapes and choose Object > Compound Path > Release to quickly create solid shapes of the entire group.

Create solid shapes

Add color to shapes

Use the Selection or Direct Selection tool to select the new shapes and apply a different color or gradient.


Add color to shapes

Finally, you can scale your artwork to any size and print your poster.

Print your poster

Contributor: Timothy Goodman

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