Manage the User and Group content shares within the account


The Shared Users tab is an account-level administration menu item that provides an overview of all of the shares and share requests that are currently pending or established within the account. The administrator has the authority to Accept, Decline, Modify, or Cancel any share.

Access to the Shared Users tab is only available to account-level administrators. Open the Account admin menu and scroll down to the Shared Users tab:

Select the number of records per page

The main body of the page contains the table of shares. Each row on the page represents one record of a share between a user (or group) to another user (or group). All shares are expressed in one direction, from one object to another.

The table of shares has five columns:

  • From - The source of the shared content.
  • To - The recipient of the shared content.
  • Permissions - Identifies the permissions that are enabled for the share.
    • Accounts with advanced account sharing have four permission options: View, Modify, Sign, Send.
    • Accounts that do not have advanced account sharing only have the View permission.
  • Status
    • Active - The share is active and the party being shared to has full access within the scope of the enabled permissions.
    • Requested by Sharer - A pending share that has been requested by the From party
    • Requested by Sharee - A pending share that has been requested by the To party.
  • External - A simple check mark when the share involves an external party (a user not in the admin's Acrobat Sign account).
    • Requests from an external party in a Request by Sharer status are not visible.

Accept or decline a share

Shares with a Status value of  Requested_by_Sharee or Requested_by_Sharer have not been accepted yet, and are not in effect.

These shares can be accepted or declined by selecting the record and then choosing either Accept or Decline as needed.

Accepted shares convert to Active status. Declined shares are removed from the table.

Accept or decline the share

Modify a share

Any Active share on an account with advanced account sharing can have multiple permissions assigned.

To edit the permissions of an existing share, select the record, and then select the Modify Permissions action.

The Edit Permissions dialogue opens. Enable or disable the permissions as needed and Save.

Modify the share


Only accounts that have advanced sharing enabled have the option to add permissions beyond viewing.

Cancel a share

Any Active share can be canceled by selecting the record and then selecting Cancel Share from the exposed actions.

Cancel the share


The Shared Users tab is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.


The Shared Users tab is exposed in the following tiers of service:

  • Team/Small business
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Configuration scope:

The Shared Users interface has one configurable element, the number of records displayed per page.

To edit the number of records per page, select the more icon (three horizontal lines) and select the number of records desired:

Select the number of records per page


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