Check your monthly transaction volume

How to run a report for your account's monthly activity

Enterprise and business tier customers can check their monthly agreement activity on the Reports page.

To generate the report:

  1. Authenticate to Adobe Sign as an account-level admin

    • Group-level admins that have access to the data for the whole account can also run this type of report
  2. Navigate to the Reports page

  3. Configure your report with the below settings:

    • Creation Date - Set to This month
    • Users & Groups - Set to All Users
    • Workflows & Documents - Set to All Workflows & Documents
    • Mega Sign - Check the box to Include MegaSign Agreements
  4. Click the Run Report button when ready

    Reporting configuration

  5. The report will return the graphical page of charts with the summary at the top.

    Check the date range to ensure you are capturing the data for the current month.

    The Total Sent number is the number of agreements sent from your account.

    Reporting result

  6. (Optionally) Save the report for future use


    When using a saved report, be sure to click Update report with current data to get up-to-date data.

    Update the reporting result


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