Apply a reusable layer of form fields

Apply a form field template to a document

Form Field Templates are reusable layers of fields that can be applied to any document. Templates are ideal if you have one field layout that works for multiple documents, or if you have a document that can be sent several different ways.

Similar to library documents, Form Field Templates can be edited and shared to your group or account.

  1. Set up your transaction:

    • Enter the e-mail address at least one recipient
    • Attach a document
    • Check Preview & Add Signature Fields
    • Click the Next button.

  2. In the drag-and-drop Authoring Environment, click the Field Templates drop-down in the upper-left corner.

  3. Choose a Form Field Template from the Select Form Field Template drop-down list.

  4. If necessary, enter the page the template should start on.

  5. Click Apply to insert the field templates


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