Set expiration dates for agreements

Set a deadline during the Send process

Automatic document expiration allows for account and group level configuration. Expiration can be defined for a default time limit, with an optional setting to permit the sender to edit the default value.

Document expiration is measured in whole days (24-hour increments) starting when the agreement is created.  For example, if you configure an agreement for expiration in 3 days, the agreement expires exactly 72 hours after the agreement is sent (if not completed).

All recipients must complete their part of the signature process before the deadline. If the agreement is not completed before the deadline, the agreement is expired.


The account or group administrator can configure document expiration to ignore the expiration deadline if all of the remaining recipients are internal.

  1. Check the option Completion Deadline under the Options section.

  2. Enter the number of days the signers can sign the document.

    • Check the projected date displayed, to make sure that it is correct.
    Check the projected expiration date

  3. Complete the send process as normal.

Enable/disable deadlines

Enterprise and business level options

Enterprise and business service levels can selectively expose the Document Expiration option during the send process, or enable account/group-wide automation.

The settings can be enabled/disabled by:

Navigate to Send Settings


Enabling default expiration suppresses the ability to configure these elements on the Send page unless the option to "Allow senders to set or modify" is enabled.


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