AEM Forms Document Security: Limitations for adding an offline user
Considerations for adding a user to a protected document

Document Security server adds offline users to document while a document is being protected. You cannot add more offline users to a document at a later date. If you need to add more offline users to the document, you can create and distribute a newer version of the document with a different set of users. This design choice helps reduce server load by many folds. Keep the following limitation in mind while designing or applying policies to a document:

  • Once offline users are added to a document, you cannot add/remove offline users from adocument at a later date.
  • A user added to the server after protecting a document can view the documentonly in online mode.
  • Any document protected after adding a user can be viewed in both online and offlinemodes. Document protected before adding the user are accessible only in online mode.


It is a best practice to create a group and provide required permissions to the group instead of providing permissions directly to a user.