How can Adform (partner) feed back enriched data to Audience Manager
How to allow a partner (Adform in this case) to onboard data back to Audience Manager.

Integration between the customer and Adform needs a discussion to take place regarding trait creation.

Customer Configuration

Adform onboards customer-specific traits. These traits first be created under the customer's Data Source and the segment IDs defined in the traitRules must be shared with Adform. The customer's Data Source ID that contains the traits must be given to Adform. 

Note, Adform is most familiar with the method of passing trait data using just a simple segment ID. For example, segment ID = 123 (thus, the traitRule would be ic == '123')

For best results, customers recommend to activate this partner's ID sync - Adform Sync ID (1586) - For which you can contact Customer Care to perform this action.

Taxonomy Updates

Taxonomy updates are customer-specific and managed by the customer themselves. The customer's target DPID must be provided back to the data partner.

Additional Information