Zoom Viewer blurry on initial load | Scene7


The Zoom Viewer is blurry when it loads.


See the sharpening best practices for details on each of the sharpening parameters:



Add sharpening to the viewer configuration

  1. Log in to SPS and choose Setup > Application Setup > Viewer Presets.
  2. Edit the preset and then choose the Core Settings area and enter the desired sharpening arguments into the Modifiers field.
  3. Save any changes.

Add sharpening parameters to the URL

To append image serving sharpening arguments to the image that the S7 JSP viewer loads, use the "&vc=modifier" viewer parameter. The modifier parameter allows you to append all viewer image serving requests with any number of image serving commands like so:


Note: URL encode the '&' (%26) and '=' (%3d) characters so the modifier can be correctly parsed at the image serving level as opposed to on a viewer level.

You can easily decode/encode portions of your code using this website: http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/

If you are embedding the code, the VC parameter is unnecessary.

DHTML viewer

If you are using the DHTML zoom, set sharpening in the code use the modifier parameter. For example,

Embedded HTML5 viewers

See the Viewers documentation for details. For example, for the zoom viewer, use iscommand either with setParam(s) or with setAsset.


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