Find answers to common questions about Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) and related services.

Find answers to common questions about Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) and related services.


Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) is a desktop application that allows creatives of all levels to build highly custom, high-quality 3D character models in a few minutes. Fuse characters are highly robust and can be used in a variety of projects such as graphic design, prototyping design layouts, staging a video shoot, or even creating interactive video games.

Fuse is currently available as a free beta to Creative Cloud members.


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Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) is a desktop app for creating highly customizable 3D human characters in minutes. Without any prior 3D experience, you can quickly create characters using a library of high-quality 3D content, from faces and bodies to clothing and textures with an option to customize the color, texture, and shape of over 280 attributes. You can save your characters to the Creative Cloud Libraries and bring them into the 3D workspace in Adobe Photoshop CC to create realistic photo composites with 3D models. 

The current release of Fuse is a free beta of Fuse desktop app; we welcome your feedback on the product. Visit Fuse forum to provide your feedback and interact with the product team members and other expert users.

Download the Creative Cloud desktop app to install Fuse. Fuse beta is available free to all the users with an Adobe ID. Downloading Fuse will begin a 500-day trial of the application.

The current version is Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) 2015 and is available as an English-only desktop app in all geographies where Creative Cloud is offered, with the exception of France and Quebec.

Check out Fuse Learn & Support to see a list of tutorials and resources for learning Fuse.

You can also visit Adobe Fuse forums to interact or get answers from the product team members and other expert users.

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) is the ideal app for anyone needing a customized human character to use in a layout, image, or concept. This app will appeal to pro and semi-pro designers, photographers, and digital artists who need to quickly work up a concept or visual guide for a photoshoot or layout; enthusiast and hobbyist pro designers, photographers, and digital artists who can use 3D characters in Photoshop combined with familiar compositing capabilities; and consumers, who now have an easy-to-use app to enjoy making 3D characters without needing any 3D expertise.

Adobe Fuse characters can be saved directly from Adobe Fuse to a Creative Cloud Library as a 3D element and then opened in Photoshop CC, ready to edit as a 3D layer. Once the Adobe Fuse character is opened in a Photoshop project, it can be posed and animated by using the Properties panel in Photoshop CC. This feature, called Creative Cloud 3D Animation (Preview), enables customers to access a cloud-based library that is home to thousands of pose and animation options.

Creative Cloud 3D Animation (Preview) is a technology preview feature that is turned on by default in the latest release of Photoshop CC (English-only). Customers in all the geographies can access this feature, provided they are:

  • Connected to the Internet. 
  • Opening a Fuse character that has been saved to the Creative Cloud Library from Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) app.

Note: This feature is not available for Adobe enterprise account customers.

Purchasing options

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) is free during the beta period. Start your Creative Cloud desktop app to download Fuse. Downloading Fuse will begin a 500-day trial of the application.

The CC 3D Animation (Preview) feature in Photoshop CC is available in any active trial or subscription version of the latest Photoshop CC 2015 release.

Note: This feature is not available for Adobe enterprise account customers.

Mixamo is a companion service for Adobe Fuse CC and is also a beta. For a limited time during the beta period, Mixamo services are free to all users with an Adobe ID.  To use Mixamo, simply log on to the Mixamo Store with your Adobe ID.

The following services are included in this beta:

  1. Auto-Rigging: Upload any human 3D model and have it automatically rigged for you in just minutes.
  2. Animation: Use the huge library of animations on the Mixamo Store to animate your Fuse characters or custom 3D models.

Yes. The characters created in Fuse, characters downloaded from, animations downloaded from, and animations available in Photoshop CC can be used for commercial projects without any licensing or royalty fees.

Technical questions

Three export workflows are available for Fuse characters:

  1. Save to CC Libraries Use this option if you want to use your Fuse character in Photoshop CC. Characters exported using this option are fully rigged and can be animated in Photoshop CC. The characters are saved as .psd files in your CC Libraries.
  2. Save to Mixamo Use this option if you want to use your Fuse character in a 3D software or a game engine. Characters exported using this option are fully rigged and can be animated on the Mixamo website. The animated characters can then be downloaded in .fbx, .dae, and .bvh formats.
  3. Export Model as OBJ Use this option if you are a 3D artist and want to create a custom rig.  Characters exported using this option do not have any rigging.
See Export content from Fuse CC for more details.

Yes. You need an active Internet connection to rig and animate the characters when you choose the option to save your character to Mixamo or CC Libraries.

However, you can create characters, save .fuse files, and export the un-rigged .obj character files without an Internet connection.  

Support for Fuse characters was added in Photoshop CC 2015.1.  For more information on using your Fuse characters in Photoshop, please see the Create realistic 3D composites with 3D models tutorial.

There are over 3000 animations available for use.  All the animations have been captured from real actor performances for high-quality and realistic motion.

3D graphics rely on dozens of graphical settings, including lights, materials, shaders, and post-processing effects.  Every 3D package is different, so your character may not look the exact same in every software package.

Fuse does not currently have additional content. You can make a content request by supporting an idea or posting your own in the Fuse forum. We would like to know your suggestions for the type of content you want to see in the future.

If you are an advanced 3D artist, you can also create your custom content and import it into Fuse. See Create custom content for Fuse for details.

Fuse CC (Preview) version 1.3 (Legacy)


As of August 22, 2017, uploads from Fuse 1.3 are not supported on You can continue to export Fuse 1.3 characters and upload to with reduced options. For full options when auto-rigging Fuse characters, update to Adobe Fuse CC (Beta). This change is being made so that the Mixamo website can be updated to meet the latest standards of efficiency and security.

Yes, Fuse 1.3 continues to work as a standalone application. However, you can no longer directly upload characters to for rigging and animating.

Yes, it is still possible to rig Fuse 1.3 characters, with some reduced options.

To upload Fuse 1.3 characters, follow these steps:

  1. In Fuse, use the File > Export As OBJ menu option.
  2. Create a .zip folder containing the .obj, .mtl, and texture images exported from Fuse.
  3. Visit Use the Upload button to select and upload the .zip file.



Fuse 1.3 characters uploaded using the above method don't have the advanced rigging and facial controls provided by a direct upload to Mixamo. To continue using characters with facial blendshapes, download Adobe Fuse CC (Beta).

Due to the changes in the base figures, Fuse 1.3 content is not directly compatible in Adobe Fuse CC (Beta).