Powered by Adobe Sensei, Enhance Details allows you to achieve crisp color details in raw images.

Starting from Adobe Camera Raw 11.1, you can enhance fine details of color in raw images with Enhance Details. The Enhance Details feature is designed to precisely enhance desired areas in an image and make them look crisp and clear. This way you can achieve higher-quality images, easily.

Enhance Details is backed up by Adobe Sensei which uses machine learning to smartly interpret pixels of a specific area of any image and determine the accurate colors of that area. Once you apply the effect, the enhanced image will be saved as a new DNG file and cannot be further enhanced using this feature.

You can use Enhance Details to achieve higher resolution images and for printing purposes, particularly for large photo prints where fine details are more visible.

Minimum system requirements

Your computer must meet the following minimum technical specifications to use Enhance Details:

  • (Mac) macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) or later
  • (Windows) Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later

For GPU system requirements, see Considerations for GPU-accelerated features.

Apply Enhance Details


  • Enhance Details can be applied only on raw image files.
  • For a smooth experience, it is recommended to use a fast GPU.
  • Enhance Details does not work on images that have been previously enhanced in Adobe Camera Raw. For example, an HDR image created in Camera Raw cannot be enhanced using Enhance Details.

  1. Open a raw image in Adobe Camera Raw.

  2. In the Filmstrip on the left, Ctrl-click (on Mac)/right-click (on Windows) the image and select Enhance Details. You can then view the Enhance Details Preview dialog box that provides a live preview of the effect.

  3. Click a desired area on the image that you want to enhance. A bounding box will be placed at that area. The Enhance Details Preview dialog box then provides a magnified preview of the area within the bounding box.

    In the preview, you can hold down the hand cursor to view the original and release it to view the effect of Enhance Details.


    The Enhance Details Preview dialog box displays an Estimated time which is the approximate time taken to apply Enhance Details on the selected area of the image. This is based on the computer you use.

  4. (Optional) You can move the bounding box on different areas of the image to view previews of before and after Enhance Details is applied.

  5. Once you're satisfied with the preview, click Enhance to apply the effect on the selected area of the image. The enhanced image is then saved as a DNG file.


    The enhanced image is saved as a new DNG file with the filename in this format: 'Original filename-Enhanced.dng', where 'Original filename' is the name of the selected image that you worked with.

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