Adobe Captivate Prime has flexible, customer-friendly, and one of the best pricing models to cater to your organization needs. Apart from regular pricing, you can also watch out for some introductory or any latest offers on Captivate Prime site.

Only Administrators of your organization can manage billing feature.


You can buy a subscription for a maximum of 3500 learners through any single credit card payment order. First order in the account should be for a minimum of 10 learners.

For more information on billing, write to us at To use purchase order, refer to the Purchase order process section available in this page.

Place orders using credit card

  1. Click Billing at the left pane.
    Billing information appears.
Billing information
Billing information

  1. Type the number of learners, and click Place Order at the upper-right corner of the page. Payment details page appears with the estimated price of your order. The currency appears based on your country location. You can change the country name using the drop-down.
  2. Note
    Choose the number of learners based on the number of learners in your organization and place your order. For a purchase order driven process, refer to purchase order process section below.
  3. Enter your contact information, choose the credit card type, provide credit card details and click Complete Order. A sample snapshot is provided below for representation purpose.
Payment details
Payment details

  1. Click Orders tab on Billing page, to view your recently ordered packages.

View orders list

Click Orders tab in the billing page to view all the individual orders you placed. At an order level, you can edit an order to update your credit card or profile information.

View the number of learners purchased and the available number, as shown in the sample snapshot below:

View number of purchase
View number of purchase

As an administrator you can deactivate the entire account but you cannot cancel the individual orders.

Order states

Individual orders can move into the following four possible states:

Active - At this state, the recurring payment is processed based on subscription plan and cycle.

Suspended – An order moves into suspended state at the following scenarios:

  • When there is any delay in receipt of payment from credit card, or when the credit card expires.
  • Payment is declined for any recurring payment cycle.

Deactivated – An order moves into this state when it is canceled by Captivate Prime administrator. The reasons for cancellation can be similar to the scenarios mentioned in the suspended state.

Canceled – An order moves into this state when an administrator deactivates the account, which results in cancellation of all orders.

Canceled initiated – An order moves into this state immediately when the Captivate Prime Administrator deactivates the account. Subsequently, the order moves into the Canceled state after receiving the cancellation confirmation of the order.

Using purchase order process

You can choose purchase order process as an alternative mode of payment. As a pre-requisite, your organization account should have been registered with Adobe. You need not pay the amount using credit card up-front when you choose this mode. Your organization account is charged for this process.

  1. Send an e-mail to us at mentioning the number of required learners.
  2. Captivate Prime team sends you an activation key.
  3. Click Subscribe tab, choose Use Activation Key option in Add Learners, and enter the activation key provided to you.

  1. Click Activate at the upper-right corner of the page.

Account states

At any instance, your Captivate Prime account can be in any one of the following possible states:

Trial – You can create an Adobe Captivate Prime account and use it without any payment for a period of 30 days. There is no limit on the number of learners registered during the trial period.

Active – In this state, the account has active learner subscriptions with recurring monthly payment as per the subscription order.

Inactive – An account moves into inactive state in the following scenarios:

  • After the trial period if there are no active subscription orders in the account.
  • Administrator deactivates the account, which results in cancelling all the existing orders in an account from the next billing cycle of subscription.
  • Payment is declined for active orders in an account even after reminders.

An inactive state does not cancel your account with immediate effect. You get at least couple of reminders from Captivate Prime team asking you to provide latest information about your credit card if it is expired.
In inactive state, only administrator can log in to the Captivate Prime account. The account is frozen for all other users.

Activation required – Your account moves into this state, when Captivate Prime administrator chooses to deactivate the account. All the orders of this account get canceled. Payment collection for these orders does not happen from next billing cycle. The state of the account remains in this state up to the last billing cycle date.

In Activation required state, all users can continue to use the application without any impact till the end of last recurring payment date.

Cancellation procedure

As an Administrator,  you can deactivate Prime accounts. To deactivate, follow these steps: 

  1. In the left pane, select Billing. The Billing page opens.

    Billing page
    Billing page
  2. Select Actions > Deactivate.

    Deactivate action
    Deactivate action
  3. Once the Administrator deactivates the account, all the existing orders in the account are canceled from the next billing cycle.


Adobe Captivate Prime uses an annual subscription (paid monthly) model.  It is not recommended to cancel the subscription in between terms.

If you want to cancel the subscription before the completion of the annual term, an early termination fee is charged. The termination fee is equivalent to 50% of the subscription price of the remaining commitment period.


When an account is deactivated by the customer, it enters a trial state for next 30 days. The account owner receives three reminder emails to revive the account. If the owner does not activate the account, none of the users will be able to access prime except the owner.

Increase or decrease number of credit card licenses

Prime only supports 10 licenses per order. If you wish to increase or decrease the number of licenses, cancel the existing order and place a new order.

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