Unable to assign a badge


Captivate Prime Learning Programs are renamed to Learning Paths. This change happens immediately after the October 2021 release and the terminology of Learning Path is reflected for all roles.


Even after completing a course or training, a badge does not get awarded as expected.


After a learner completes a Course/Learning Program/Certification, the badge does not get awarded to the learner.


The badge that is assigned to the Learning Object is added after the learner has completed the Learning Object.

In the earlier version, a badge could not be added later, if there was no badge assigned to a Learning Object at the time the learner completed the Learning Object.

In current versions, the feature is available.


If a learner experiences the issue, try the steps below:

Course/Learning Program

  1. Log in as administrator.

  2. Open the relevant Learning Object (Course/Learning Program).

  3. Click Instances > Badge.

    View a badge
    View a badge

  4. Remove the badge from the Learning Object and click Save.

    Remove a badge

  5. Reassign the badge to the Learning Object and click Save

    This step will assign the badge to all learners enrolled for the Learning Object.


  1. Log in as Admin.

  2. Open the Certification.

  3. Click Overview > Badge.

  4. Remove the badge from the Certification and click Save.

    Remove badge from certification

  5. Reassign the badge to the certification and click Save


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