Improper error message "Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server..."

The "Dreamweaver is currently interacting with a server..." message keeps popping up even if the sites and servers are on local network.


Add the following registry entries:


In "Registry Editor" (regedit.exe), add the following under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Dreamweaver CC\Site OnIdle":

  • Type = "String Value" (REG_SZ) | Name = short wait | Value = 6000
  • Type = "String Value" (REG_SZ) | Name = medium wait | Value = 45000
  • Type = "String Value" (REG_SZ) | Name = long wait | Value = 300000

Mac OS

Edit the file "Adobe Dreamweaver Prefs" at "~/Library/Preferences" and add the following entries for [SITE ONIDLE]

  • short wait=6000
  • medium wait=45000
  • long wait=300000

Note: The above workaround does not stop the message from popping up, but decreases the frequency at which the message appears.


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