Enabling Just-In-Time Provisioning for District Portals and Learning Management Systems


As an IT admin, you can enable just-in-time (JIT) provisioning for educators and students accessing Adobe Express from approved District Portals and Learning Management Systems (LMS). This means that educators and students who do not have accounts provisioned by their IT admins can easily gain access to Adobe Express without IT admin intervention.

If you have set up Adobe Express in an approved partner application and added the partner application as a secondary IdP in the Adobe Admin Console, you can turn on just-in-time provisioning to enable immediate product access for users coming from approved applications without pre-provisioned licenses. This capability is currently only applicable for Adobe Express.

Advantages of enabling JIT provisioning

School rosters can change frequently. JIT provisioning saves you valuable time by automatically provisioning product access to users trying to access Adobe Express from an approved district portal or LMS. Users from organizations that have registered their email domains and have Adobe Express entitlement will be able to access Adobe Express seamlessly upon clicking the Adobe Express icon from their district portal or LMS, even if that user does not have an existing entitlement.

You do not have to provide product access to each student or teacher if the following is done:

  1. The two-step SSO configuration process has been followed.
  2. The JIT toggle is turned on in the Adobe Admin console.
  3. Users are accessing the Adobe Express icon from an approved IdP.

District portals and LMS approved for JIT provisioning

Following are the district portals and Learning Management Systems approved for JIT provisioning:
  1. Canvas 
  2. Clever 
  3. Classlink

To ensure that only users from your organization are accessing the JIT provisioning capability, you must follow the two-step SSO configuration process.

Enabling JIT provisioning

As an IT admin, you can enable or disable the JIT provisioning capability in the Adobe Admin console.

  1. Sign into the Adobe Admin Console and navigate to Settings > Identity.

  2. Select the appropriate directory and click Settings.

  3. Enable or disable the toggle for Just-in-time User Provisioning.


    Disabling JIT provisioning, new users in your organization will not be able to access Adobe Express until you provide them licenses manually using the Adobe Admin Console.

    Just-in-time provisioning

  4. Click Save.

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