Shared Device Licensing | Known Issues

This document details known issues that admins or end users might face when working with Adobe's shared device licenses.

Wherever applicable, a resolution / workaround is provided.


We are working to address these issues and any others that arise as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and hope to resolve these in a timely fashion.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express Enterprise / Federated ID issues

  • When a user, who has a Federated or Enterprise ID of Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education (Creative Cloud Express for K-12 (Primary & Secondary) or Creative Cloud Express for Higher Education), logs in to use a machine that has a shared device license installed on it, Lightroom does not launch.
    We recommend that you use Lightroom Classic since that application does launch.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express users with Enterprise or Federated IDs, are able to use only the XD starter plan, not the the full paid plan.

Named licensed users who are entitled with the Creative Cloud All Apps plan and have a full paid user experience on every machine, including Shared Device License machines, do not encounter the above Adobe Creative Cloud Express issue.

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