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Release Information

Products Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3
Version 6.3 Service Pack 1 (
Type Service Pack Release
Date October 13, 2017
Download URL AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1 on PackageShare


Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 Cumulative Fix Pack ( was released on January 8, 2018. It is the latest Cumulative Fix Pack (CFP) for AEM 6.3 that includes the most recent fixes. AEM CFP is dependent on AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1 ( Install AEM SP before installing AEM CFP

What's included in AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1 (

AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1 ( is an important update that includes performance, stability, security and key customer fixes and enhancements released since the general availability of AEM 6.3 in April 2017.

AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1 can be installed on AEM 6.3 GA. Some of the key highlights of the service pack are:

  • The built-in repository (Apache Jackrabbit Oak) is updated to version 1.6.3.
  • Support for enhanced desktop actions on multiple assets using Desktop App in Touch UI.
  • Support for user configurable connection timeout parameters for  Marketing Cloud solutions (Analytics, DTM, Target and S&P).
  • Enhanced the ability of the Manage Publications feature to publish complex site hierarchy.
  • Refined the Iparsys’ capability to reflect text edits in pages.
  • Improved version purging for assets.
  • Optimized AEM performance when publishing assets to Brand Portal.
  • Enabled management of flexible content models and JSON API.  See Enabling JSON Export for a Component.
  • Resolved translation issues with AEM Content Fragments.
  • Improvements in Communities file library, spam detection, moderation UI and enablement features.
  • Added support to run AEM Forms on Oracle Linux 7.1 running on Oracle EXA Platform.
  • Added ability to list DAM Assets in Form Portal view & search.
  • Added ability to choose CRX asset to workspace startpoint and task creation for Process Management tasks.

List of changes


  • Enabling publish tags from AEM to Brand Portal from tagadmin/tagging console. CQ-4215347
  • HF for Oak 1.6.3. NPR-17649
  • System maintenance health checks after installing AEM  report critical status instead of an expected OK status. NPR-18752: GRANITE-16939
  • Health Check to detect asynchronous indexing problems. NPR-18749: GRANITE-10757


  • HTL limitation prevents the data-sly-text statement to overwrite the context for the host HTML page. GRANITE-18107
  • When a multi-page is published, the Managed Publication functionality fails to publish correct versions of all the pages. NPR-18686: Hotfix for CQ-4206549
  • Rollout action throws Method Not Allowed error, no rollout executed. NPR-18314: Hotfix for CQ-4212381
  • Users/groups with underscore in their login id cannot be searched in useradmin. NPR-18682: Hotfix for CQ-4212551
  • Multiple configurations of richtext editors for the same component does not work in AEM 6.3. NPR-18183: Hotfix for CQ-4211571
  • AEM unable to Publish/UnPublish a site using the Manage Publication feature when subfolders are included. NPR-18677: Hotfix for CQ-4205250
  • Using the paraformat option in RTE to change text format automatically submits the page without saving the changes. NPR-18763: Hotfix for CQ-4215166
  • Published JSON API to consume content fragments. NPR-19614: Hotfix for CQ-4214713


  • Users with no publication permission do not see Publication Pending status. CQ-4214823
  • AEM instance becomes sluggish when multiple assets (more than 4) are being published to Brand Portal. CQ-4213426
  • AEM unable to sync with Creative Cloud replacements for assets that are shared previously with Creative Cloud using the AEM-MAC sync feature. NPR-18275: Hotfix for CQ-4212401
  • Request to make the InDesign Server related code in AEM configurable to use the Author domain from externalizer. NPR-18666: Hotfix for CQ-4211471
  • Version Purge task does not remove old versions of assets. NPR-18479: Hotfix for CQ-4212996
  • Multi-asset open/edit enhancements to Desktop app. NPR-15880: Hotfix for CQ-106199
  • The CSRF client library does not handle synchronous AJAX calls properly resulting in a security vulnerability. NPR-18695: Hotfix for GRANITE-18098
  • For OOTB AEM components, queries get stuck in the Query optimization phase during XPath to SQL2 query conversion. NPR-18617: Hotfix for GRANITE-18026/GRANITE-18150
  • Next button is disabled in Manage Publication Wizard in IE11. NPR-18755: Hotfix for CQ-4214653



AEM Service Pack does not include fixes for AEM Forms. They are delivered using a separate Forms add-on package. In addition, a cumulative installer is released that includes fixes for AEM Forms on JEE. For more information, see Install AEM Forms add-on and Install AEM Forms JEE installer.

  • AEM Forms UI lists all the assets in the oldest first order. Users are not able to reorder the assets in newest first order. NPR-18450
  • Copy Paste from Word / Web into CM Text Editor shows line break in MF/PDF rendition of the Letter containing this text. NPR-18274
  • User Sync fails with connection reset error and starts synching again. NPR-18259
  • Added support to run AEM Forms on Oracle Linux 7.1 running on Oracle EXA Platform. NPR-17037: CQ-4214361
  • Added ability to list DAM Assets in Form Portal view & search. NPR-14805: CQ-421504
  • Added ability to choose CRX asset to workspace startpoint and task creation for Process Management tasks. NPR-13398: CQ-4214508
  • After AEM Forms on JEE are installed, Window Administrator screen displays version number as 6.0. CQ-4217572
  • 6.3 CFP installer screen displays incorrect version number and help links. CQ-4217538
  • When render type is not specified for search and lister component only adaptive forms are listed. CQ-4216391
  • Sidebar scrolling icon does not appear. CQ-4214619
  • Output model object appears blank for bound/unbound Functions in FDM editor. CQ-4213920
  • We.Finance logo appears in we.gov emails. CQ-4213066
  • Drafts of adaptive forms and HTML5 forms get overwritten when previewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge browsers. CQ-4213025
  • When upgraded from 6.2 to 6.3, drafts made from new instances of drafts and submissions are corrupted. CQ-4212301
  • Removed libbfd-2.16.1.so from AEM installation. CQ-4211539
  • DOR doesn't generate if DOR generation step uses a relative path. CQ-4211319
  • On creating an adaptive form which has an attachment and uses advanced adaptive form template, save button does not work at verify stage. CQ-4210835
  • Unable to save read/write operation for an entity which are not marked Top level in first attempt. CQ-4210710
  • File attachment component opens camera instead of file selection pop up. CQ-4210222
  • An interrupt exception is logged while installing CFP CQ-4209971
  • When moving Document Storage from file system to a database, following error: java.sql.SQLException: The transaction is no longer active occurs on restarting an application or intermittently. CQ-4207356
  • Data integration audit logs display field data. CQ-4199404
  • The issues reported in the static code analysis of Forms Portal should be fixed. CQ-103860
  • Added support to run AEM Forms on Oracle Linux running on Oracle EXA Platform NPR-18773
  • PDF Generator running on Oracle Linux and WebLogic 12.2.1 fails to convert a document. NPR-18582
  • Added list of required Linux libraries to AEM Forms installation documentation. CQDOC-11061
  • Added separate variables for Visual Studio 9 & 10. CQ-4219335
  • Granted full permissions to LunaSA folders to get successful connection with LunaClient. CQ-4215335
  • Added reference artifact for OData Connector for MS Dynamics to package share. CQ-4214058
  • Added support to work on various locales apart from English in AEM Forms app. NPR-18781
  • If an XML declaration exists in a data xml file and letter rendition is initiated through a POST request, corresponding letter fails to display data. NPR-18953
  • When logged in as non-admin user, site pages appear garbled or distorted on publish instance. NPR-18978
  • Updated  Data type for one data element is shown for another data element when opened in edit mode  NPR-18979
  • Enabled display of newly created project in project listing page. NPR-18995
  • Unpublish button is not displayed in popup on Chrome browser. NPR-18997
  • Thumbnail generation fails at XDP preview page. NPR-19000
  • The CFP package contains AEM Forms HTML Workpsace version 2.3.12. NPR-19002
  • Added support to access metadata properties for custom assets from Search and Lister component. NPR-19202
  • The assetType property of Search and Lister component is not accessible on the template for custom assets. NPR-19203
  • When Done button is clicked after FDM creation, new page opens with "/aem/createfdm.html/content/dam/undefined". NPR-19585
  • When content is copied from Microsoft Word or a Web Browser to correspondence management text editor, the style is lost. NPR-19597
  • Prepare Data Process triggering multiple times. NPR-19145
  • No audit logs are generated for actions taken on CM assets. NPR-18672


  • When translating pages that reference Experience fragments, the content in the Experience fragments is not translated. CQ-4217451
  • Adding tagfield components in Project creation wizard resets the jcr:title field. NPR-18564
  • Translation search results doesn't include names of translation projects. NPR-18642: Hotfix for CQ-4210658


  • Null pointer exception occurs when Granite utilities are installed during the installation of AEM 6.3 CFP2. CQ-4212624
  • Filtering by User/Group do not work in Inbox Classic UI. CQ-4217615
  • Added/edited text appears in the iparsys component instead of the text box on the web page.  NPR-18189: Hotfix for CQ-4213161
  • Unable to use WCM foundation iparsys component in editable templates. NPR-18688: Hotfix for CQ-4210384
  • Mandatory field validation does not work for Dialog Participant Step. NPR-18475: Hotfix for CQ-4211590

Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud

  • Connections to Target from AEM through HTTPClient do not have user-configurable timeout periods. NPR-18494
  • Connections to Search & Promote from AEM through HTTPClient do not have user-configurable timeout periods. NPR-18493
  • Connections to DTM from AEM through HTTPClient do not have user-configurable timeout periods. NPR-18495
  • Connections to Analytics from AEM through HTTPClient do not have user-configurable timeout periods. NPR-18497
  • Target activity gets deactivated after adding an extra experience. NPR-18227: Hotfix for CQ-4201895
  • Viewing Campaign offers published from library folders results in NPE. NPR-18732: Hotfix for CQ-4214593


  • The following enhancements pertaining to Communities have been added in this release and some of the existing features have also been improved:
    • For Community Members
      • Multiple enhancements to the File Library (sort orders, tagging...)
    • For Community Moderators
      • Automatic Spam Detection technology
      • Additional Moderation filters (answered/unanswered questions)
      • Ability to bookmark and link moderation to predefined filters (e.g. all posts pending approval)
    • For Enablement Managers
      • Ability to create and to assign resources and learning paths within Community Groups
    • For Community Administrators
      • Add enablement catalog & assignments within Community Groups
      • Create Community Groups in multiple languages
  • Following are the bugs fixed in this release:
    • The social-connect package removes content from the experience-fragment package if it gets installed after experience-fragment package. CQ-4210287, CQ-4218278
    • A server error occurs when a file from File Library is cut and subsequently pasted to the same location. CQ-4202744
    • A NPE is recorded in logs when 'getLoggedInUser' call is made while creating a site. CQ-4217290
    • User generated content not visible on bulk moderation console on the Author instance. CQ-4217289
    • Not more than 30 Communities resources are visible on the Communities Resources page in Author environment. CQ-4214583, CQ-4218056
    • Rating component over enablement resources not visible properly for non-administrator users. CQ-4219312
    • Error occurs when fetching the Social groups for any site. CQ-4212574
    • Integrate SPAM filtering in Moderation Dashboard. CQ-4206174, CQ-94459
    • Spam filtering does not work if "click here" is given in second line. CQ-4214190
    • Attachment with invalid characters in the filename fail to upload. CQ-4202483
    • NPE during installation of cq-6.3.0-cfp-0.2. CQ-4209976
    • Requirement to integrate Communities SPAM service with the STOP WORDS/phrase lists that can be easily updated by users. CQ-94461
    • Improvements in Communities spam filtering. CQ-94452
    • Auto Translation not working. CQ-4217881
    • The Messaging Recipients option does not display the authorizable IDs of Communities moderators. CQ-4214836
    • Unable to edit user profile imported from Twitter or Facebook. CQ-4217908

Install the Service Pack

Setup requirements


For customers with Feature Packs installed on AEM 6.3. Optional Feature Packs provided by Adobe have dependencies on the release version and service pack. If you have any Feature Pack installed, please contact the AEM Customer Care team to validate the compatibility of those feature packs with this service pack for AEM 6.3.

  • AEM requires AEM 6.3. Please visit upgrade documentation for detailed instructions. 
  • The Service Pack download is available on Adobe Package Share, which you can access directly from the AEM 6.3 instance.
  • On a deployment with MongoDB and multiple instances, the Service Pack 1 only has to be installed on one of the Author instances using the Package Manager.
  • Before installing the service pack, ensure to:
    1. Have a snapshot or fresh backup of your AEM instance. Uninstalling the AEM package is not supported.
  • Restart the instance before installation. While that is only needed when the instance is still in update mode (and this is the case when the instance was just updated from an earlier version), it's generally recommended if the instance was running for longer period of time.

Install the Service Pack via Package Share

Perform the following steps to install the Service Pack on an existing AEM 6.3 instance:

  1. Login to Package Share within AEM or directly from your browser and download the AEM package
    (search for "AEM-6.3-Service-Pack-1" to find it)
  2. Install the downloaded package using Package Manager.


The best way to monitor the installation process is to tail the error.log. Proceed to Validate installation after the error.log goes quiet with "BundleEvent STARTED" messages

Automatic installation

There are two ways to automatically install AEM into a running instance:

A. Place the package into ../crx-quickstart/install folder while the server is running. The package gets installed automatically.

B. Use the HTTP API from Package Manager – make sure you use cmd=install&recursive=true – so the nested package are installed.


With AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1 (, including the service pack with the initial installation is not supported.

Validate installation

  1. The Product Information page (/system/console/productinfo) should now show the updated version string "Adobe Experience Manager, Version" under Installed Products.
  2. All OSGI bundles are either ACTIVE or FRAGMENT in the OSGI Console (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).
  3. The OSGI bundle org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-core is on version 1.6.3 or higher (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

To determine the certified platform for running with this release of AEM Sites and Assets, see Technical Requirements.

Install AEM Forms

Install AEM Forms add-on


Skip if you are not using AEM Forms. Fixes in AEM Forms are delivered through a separate add-on package.

  1. Ensure that you have installed the AEM Service Pack. 

  2. Download the corresponding forms add-on package listed at AEM Forms releases for your operating system.

  3. Install the forms add-on package as described in Installing AEM forms add-on packages.

Install AEM Forms JEE


Skip if you are not using AEM Forms on JEE. Fixes in AEM Forms JEE are delivered through a separate installer.

For information about installing the cumulative installer for AEM Forms JEE and post-deployment configuration, see AEM Forms JEE Patch Installer 0008.

Uber Jar

The Uber Jar for AEM is available in the Adobe Public Maven repository. To use Uber Jar in a Maven project, include the following dependency in your project POM:


Known Issues

Here's a list of known issues added by the Service Pack:

  1. Installation: A compilation error may occur when the AEM 6.3 instance is accessed while installing AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1. However, the issue is resolved after the installation completes, and the login page should render fine.
  2. Transient errors: The following transient errors may occur when you install AEM However, no resolution is required for these errors because they do not impact your AEM instance, as such, and go away after Service Pack 1 is installed:

        AEM Communities

  • *ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] org.apache.sling.resourceresolver.impl.CommonResourceResolverFactoryImpl activate: Cannot access repository, failed setting up Mapping Support java.lang.NullPointerException: null at com.adobe.cq.social.provider.jcr.impl.SpiSocialJcrResourceProviderImpl.authenticate(SpiSocialJcrResourceProviderImpl.java:105). 
  • *ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] com.adobe.cq.social.cq-social-jcr-provider [com.adobe.cq.social.provider.jcr.impl.SpiSocialJcrResourceProviderImpl(2174)] Timeout waiting for reg change to complete unregistered. 


  • *ERROR* com.adobe.fd.fp.events.PortalEventListener Exception while processing the events.java.lang.InterruptedException: null. 


  • *ERROR* com.day.cq.wcm.mobile.core.impl.devicespecs.WurflXmlLoader Exception in handleEvent's Runnable java.lang.NullPointerException: null.
  • *ERROR* [FelixFrameworkWiring] com.adobe.cq.cq-experience-fragments [com.adobe.cq.xf.impl.ExperienceFragmentsReferenceProvider] findMethod: Suitable but non-accessible method deactivate found in class com.adobe.cq.xf.impl.ExperienceFragmentsReferenceProvider, subclass of com.adobe.cq.xf.impl.ExperienceFragmentsReferenceProvider. 
  • *ERROR* The unbindListInfoProvider method has thrown an exception (java.lang.NullPointerException) java.lang.NullPointerException: null at com.day.cq.commons.servlets.AbstractListServlet.updateCachedProviders(AbstractListServlet.java:689).
  • *ERROR* [Adobe Granite Maintenance Scheduler Update Task] com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler No maintenance task found with name WorkflowPurgeTask for window granite_weekly. 
  • *ERROR* [Adobe Granite Maintenance Scheduler Update Task] com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler No maintenance task found with name com.day.cq.audit.impl.AuditLogMaintenanceTask for window granite_weekly. 
  • *ERROR* [OsgiInstallerImpl] com.adobe.granite.workflow.core [com.adobe.granite.workflow.core.launcher.WorkflowLauncherListener] The unbindFeature method has thrown an exception (java.lang.NullPointerException). 
  • *ERROR* org.apache.sling.discovery.oak.pinger.OakViewChecker announcementRegistry is null.

Helpful resources

Restricted Sites

These sites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and need access, please contact your Adobe account manager.