Гледате помощното съдържание за версия:

By default, the ability to switch to the classic UI via the admin consoles has been disabled. Therefore the pop-up icons that was seen when mousing over certain console icons, allowing access to classic UI, are no longer displayed.


Every console that has a Classic UI version in /libs/cq/core/content/nav can be re-enabled individually so that the Classic UI option once again pops up over the console icon when it is moused over.

In this example, we are re-enabling the Classic UI for the Sites console.

  1. Using CRXDE Lite, find the node corresponding the the admin console for which you want to re-enable Classic UI. They are found under:


    For example


  2. Select the node corresponding to the console for which you want to re-enable Classic UI. For our example, we will re-enable classic UI for the Sites console.


  3. Using the Overlay Node option, create an overlay for the selected node under /apps as follows:


  4. Add the following boolean property to the overlaid node:

    enableDesktopOnly = {Boolean}true

  5. The Classic UI option is again available as a popover option in the admin console.


Repeat these steps for every console for which you wish to re-enable access to the Classic UI version.