CQ5.3: ERROR messages logged on startup


The following exceptions are thrown upon every startup of CQ5.3:

01.03.2010 15:26:05.634 *ERROR* [SCR Component Actor] day.commons.datasource.jdbcpool [com.day.commons.datasource.jdbcpool.JdbcPoolService] The activate method has thrown an exception (java.lang.Exception: Missing configuration property datasource.name) java.lang.Exception: Missing configuration property datasource.name 
01.03.2010 15:26:05.747 *ERROR* [FelixDispatchQueue] day.commons.datasource.jdbcpool FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null.) org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Service factory returned null. 
01.03.2010 15:26:21.574 *ERROR* [SCR Component Actor] com.day.cq.collab.blog.antispam.process.CheckSpamProcess Akismet key is not valid! Spam check is not possible with this key. 


These error messages can be safely ignored.

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