Cannot create query to find versions when purging them


When you try to enable version purging, you get an error similar to the following:

14.11.2007 15:57:00 *ERROR* adapter: purgeVersions: Cannot create the query to find versions. Indexing must be enabled on workspace live_publish and XPath must be a supported Query Language. Failure reason: javax.jcr.RepositoryException: no search manager configured for this workspace at


If you want to use the search function of the Crx Content Explorer, configure it manually:

  1. Open the crx_home/workspaces/your_workspace/worspace.xml file.
  2. Add the following between <workspaces>:
    <!-- Search index and the file system it uses. --> <SearchIndex class=""> <param name="useCompoundFile" value="true"/> <param name="minMergeDocs" value="1000"/> <param name="maxMergeDocs" value="100000"/> <param name="mergeFactor" value="10"/> <param name="path" value="${wsp.home}/index"/> </SearchIndex>
  3. Restart the instance.

Additional information

The default installation of Crx/Communiqué does not configure a search manager for the workspaces. If you look in crx_home/workspaces/your_workspace/worspace.xml, you see that there is no search manager configured:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Workspace name="live_author"> <!-- virtual file system of the workspace: class: FQN of class implementing FileSystem interface --> <FileSystem class=""> <param name="path" value="${wsp.home}"/> <!-- param name="enableHandleMonitor" value="true" / --> </FileSystem> <!-- persistence manager of the workspace: class: FQN of class implementing PersistenceManager interface --><PersistenceManager class=""/> <!-- Search index and the file system it uses. --> </Workspace>


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