AEM 5.6.1 recommended hot fixes prior to Service Pack 2

This page is the old version of the recommended hotfixes page, before the release of AEM 5.6.1 Service Pack 2 .

It lists the list of recommended Hotfixes to install on top of AEM 5.6.1 , *unless you have SP2 installed.*

Adobe recommends the installation of Service Pack 2, please refer to this page for Hotfixes to install on top of SP2.


This page formerly contained the exhaustive list of hot fixes released for Adobe Experience Manager 5.6.1, with some flagged as recommended.

We chose to update this page with the list of all hot fixes not being replaced. Therefore, containing the highest versions of AEM Bundles components and widgets, available for the 5.6.1 version, sorted by modules.

Adobe recommends installing all the hot fixes present in the section of the modules you are using.

As hot fixes listed here replace for the most obsolete hot fixes, the full detailed list of changes/bug fixed, or new feature added is not displayed.

To get the full list of addressed issues per module, contact Adobe Experience Manager Support via the creation of a Support ticket.


First install the Security Service Pack and security related hotfixes .

Adobe Experience Manager 5.6.1 Security Service Pack 1 resolves several critical vulnerabilities, Adobe highly recommends that you install this Security Update on all Adobe Experience Manager 5.6.1 instances immediately. For the protection of our customers, Adobe does not disclose any vulnerability details. 


Read as well:

Security Vulnerabilities

Hot fix 8364

Java deserialization issues mitigation agent

Hot fix 6446

Security fix in Webdav

Hot fix 6445

Vulnerability affecting Apache Sling Servlets Post 2.3.6  

Hot fix 5122

DOM-Based Reflected XSS in CRXDE Lite

Hot fix 5667

Security fix in auditreport page 

Hot fix 3527

Security fix in the offloading module

Hot fix 4990

Security fix in the Content Finder


Hot fix 3285

.HTC Rewrite issue in Granite user interface commons

Hot fix 3310

AdminSession not closed in email-notification

Hot fix 41214387 and 5631

CRX server fixes

Linkchecker issue causing repository growth. Check this page for full details.

Cluster robustness enhancement

Hot fix 5220

Various CQ servlet engine fixes


Hot fix 5283

Integration of all Replication Fixes on top of the Security Service Pack

LDAP Integration

Hot fix 4070

Latest LDAP Integration fix (1)

Hot fix 3645

Granite SSO handler fails with error when using LDAP

(1) This HF introduces a new configuration option for LDAP: "groupNestingDepth".

Contact support for more details.

Misc s ecurity-related issues

Hot fix 4129

Sling uses wrong value for Principal object

Hot fix 4086

Issue in user admin when adding user picture

Hot fix 5668

Various fixes in Granite Crypto support

Hot fix 5152

CQ author instance does not process https sling mapping correctly.

Hot fix 5126

Optimization of CUG-related event generation


Hot fix 3402

Multiple scheduled activations at the same time result in only one activation.

Hot fix 3808

Workflow consoles user interface Fixes - 1

Hot fix 3863

Workflow consoles user interface Fixes - 2

Hot fix 4611

Workflow and Discovery fixes


Hot fix 5742

Exception while moving tags if it has permissions defined and is referenced by a resource



Siteadmin Performance enhancements

Hot fix 3949

Fix for 'User is able to edit a page locked by other user'

Hot fix 5431

Correction in handling of Delete operation without replication rights.

Hot fix 5737

Required for the dependencies

Hot fix 3561 and 6164

MSM Latest available fixes and improvements

Campaign - Targeting

Hot fix 3591

SessionPersistence cookie appears even through MODE_LOCAL is set

Hot fix 3748

Critical fix for the native teaser engine

Hot fix 4107

Personalization does not work in private browsing

Form component

Hot fix 3951

Issue with Form field Show/Hide with fieldvalue="" condition on IE and chrome.

Hot fix 3973

Validation problem with hidden required fields in the Foundation Form component.

Hot fix 5257

Show/Hide rules in form component with Show only Value check box checked doesn't work

Other features

Hot fix 4210

Issue in Timewarp

Hot fix 3471

Launches hot fix

Hot fix 3670

Adds 508 standards-compliant alt-attributes for the Image plug-in in Rich Text Editor



Hot fix 3627 and 3610

DAM Classic user interface issues

ClassCastException when metadata property has unexpected type

Thumbnail Creation Process Failing on certain Images

Hot fix 4219

Issue in InDesign Media Extraction Workflow Step

Asset Search Scalability Fix

PDF Text extraction Fix

Issue with handling of Assets with certain special characters

Scene7 Integration

Replication of scene 7 configuration can go in endless loop on publish

Dynamic Media Feature Pack is a key security and privacy update for the CQ integration with Scene7 to support improved stability and performance, as well as providing a secure preview of Scene7 assets in the AEM/CQ environment before publishing. Note, this is being offered as a special no-cost package for our existing Scene7 customers with CQ 5.6.1 implemented.

Marketing Cloud integration

The following hot fixes should be installed by the customers integrating AEM with the other solutions of the Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Target

Critical fixes for Adobe Target integration

Critical fix for the targeted content authoring

Performance enhancements for Target Integration


 Add Oregon data center to list of selectable data centers in Analytics cloud config

CQ_Analytics.record doesn't call properly

Audience Manager

Hot fix 4058

Audience Manager integration requires read access to /etc/cloudservices/audiencemanager


The following hot fixes are specific to the users of the AEM ECommerce module.

Therefore they have to be installed on top of the CQ-COMMERCE-HYBRIS-UPDATE-CONTENT v5.6.200 .

This package and the following hot fixes must be requested via a Support Portal ticket, as the module is not integrated in the default installation of AEM.

Hot fix 3985

Various fixes around Hybris integration 1

Hot fix 5174

Various fixes around Hybris integration 2


Twitter/Facebook/Salesforce Client Context Store load requests fire always

Upgrades twitter connect and twitter search plug-in APIs to version 1.1 .

Misc Modules

The hot fixes below adress issues specific to minor modules. Check first if you are actual users of the module (in bold in the description) before considering to install the hot fix.

Design Importer hot fix

Hot fix 5681

ContentSync: Provide minification option in client libraries

JCR-RMI does allow upload of binary file larger than a certain size

Hot fix 5683

Translation tool issues with nested keys

Hot fix 4655

Bulk editor import doesn't work for multi-value properties


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