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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Adobe Lightroom Classic.

What you learned: Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I rename a file or folder?

  • Select a photo in the Library module, open the Metadata panel, and edit the File Name field.
  • To rename several photos at once, select them and click the button to the right of the File Name field in the Metadata panel. In the Rename dialog box, choose a renaming preset or create your own.
  • To rename a folder, Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (macOS) the folder name in the Folders panel and choose Rename.

What does it mean when a question mark shows up on one of my folders?

  • The drive that contains the folder is not connected, the folder is not where Lightroom Classic expects it to be, or the folder name has been changed outside of Lightroom Classic.
  • In the Folders panel in the Library module, Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (macOS) the folder and choose Find Missing Folder.

Why don’t new files automatically show up in Lightroom Classic?

  • Lightroom Classic isn’t aware of files added to a folder or changes made on your drive outside of Lightroom Classic.
  • To update a folder in Lightroom Classic to display all the files that are currently in that folder on your drive, right-click the folder name in the Folders panel and choose Synchronize Folder.

How do I create folders and move images between folders in Lightroom Classic?

  • To create a folder, Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (macOS) an existing folder in the Folders panel and choose Create Folder Inside. This creates a folder on your drive too.
  • Drag photos from the Library module grid to the new folder within Lightroom Classic. The files are automatically moved on your drive too.

How do I delete files and folders in Lightroom?

  • Deleting photos from a collection in Lightroom Classic only removes them from the collection, not from your drive or from Lightroom Classic.
  • To remove a photo from Lightroom Classic, go to the folder in the Folders panel that contains the photo. Select the photo in the Library module grid and press the Delete key. Choose Remove to remove the photo from Lightroom Classic but keep it on your drive. Choose Delete from Disk only if you’re sure you want to delete the photo from your drive too.
  • To remove a folder from Lightroom Classic, Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (macOS) the folder in the Folders panel and choose Remove. The folder is removed from Lightroom Classic, but remains on your drive. To delete the folder from your drive, go to the drive and delete the folder manually.



Presenter: Ben Willmore

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