Make non-destructive edits in Camera Raw | Самоучители за Adobe Photoshop
Learn how to process your photos using Camera Raw in Photoshop. Edit raw files and JPEGs in Camera Raw to simplify your editing workflow and maximize flexibility.

Raw image files give your photos so much more.

Raw files contain unprocessed data from your camera and are sometimes referred to as digital negatives. Since you have all the original data to work with, you can make bigger corrections when you process your photos. In this video, learn the differences between working with raw files and JPEG files.

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Compare JPEG and raw (2:03); Non-destructive editing (2:22)

Edit details with precision.

Adobe Camera Raw can open most raw image formats from professional and midrange digital cameras. Using the Camera Raw editing tools, you can fix color problems and uncover more details hidden in shadows and blown-out highlights.

Work with colors (3:25); Healing (4:22); Adjustment brush (5:00)

Correct image perspective and lens distortion.

Adobe Camera Raw lets you correct many image perspective and lens flaws by synching the raw file with your specific camera and lens profile. It also offers additional ways to correct lens distortion.

Lens profiles (0:30); Fix level and perspective (0:50); Save options (2:05)

Use Camera Raw edit for all your photos!

Use Adobe Camera Raw as a filter to make non-destructive edits to all your images and layers.

Replace adjustment layers (0:53); Sharpen midtones (1:35); Finish the edit (3:00)

Contributor: Howard Pinsky

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