Use selections to make a composite on your iPad | Самоучители за Adobe Photoshop
Explore selections in Adobe Photoshop on your iPad.

What you learned: Make a selection with the Quick Select tool, copy and paste a selection

Make a selection with the Quick Select tool

  • In the Toolbar, long-press the Lasso tool. In the fly-out menu of alternate tools, tap the Quick Select tool.
  • With an image layer active in the Layers panel, drag over an object in the image to select it.
  • Make sure the Add to selection icon is highlighted in the Tool Options bar. Drag over another object to add it to the selection.

Create a copy

  •  In the Task bar, tap the Three-Dot icon and choose Copy layer.
  • Tap Deselect in the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the same Three-Dot icon again and choose Paste.

Make the copy smaller

  • With the copy layer active, select the Transform tool in the Toolbar.
  • Press a corner handle on the blue Transform boundary and drag inward to make the copy smaller without distorting it.
  • Press inside the blue boundary and drag to position the copy where you want it.
  • Tap Done to exit Transform mode.


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Adobe Stock contributors: Jankovoy

Illustrator: Seán Duggan

Instructor: Jan Kabili

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