Oil Paint is grayed out

Improved OilPaint filter
For Photoshop 23.2 and above

With this release, the OilPaint filter was rewritten to take greater advantage of native GPU resources on macOS and Windows, resulting in faster performance, particularly noticeable as you work on larger files. No other updates were made to the filter.

Oil Paint filter is grayed out and disabled under Filter > Stylize
For versions below Photoshop 23.2

If Oil Paint is grayed out for you, try these steps:

  • Make sure Photoshop is up-to-date
  • Make sure that your document is RGB. Oil Paint won't work on color spaces other than RGB (e.g. CMYK, Lab, etc.)
  • If you're on Windows, make sure you're running a 64-bit OS with the 64-bit version of Photoshop. OpenCL requires 64-bit
  • Make sure Use Graphics Processor is checked under Preferences > Performance
Oil paint filter greyed out Use OpenCL Photoshop

Note: If your video card does not support OpenCL v1.1 or higher, you may need to purchase an upgraded video card that supports OpenCL v1.1 or higher to gain access to the Oil Paint filter.

Information about your graphics card can be found in Photoshop's Help > System Info dialog.

For more information about using GPU features in Photoshop, including Oil Paint, see Graphics processor requirements.


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