How to work with panels | Самоучители за Adobe Premiere Pro
Learn some of the most important panels you’ll use every day in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Work with the Project panel

The Project panel stores all the clips that link to media assets you have imported, as well as the sequences you have created.


What you learned: Use the Project panel

  • You can organize items in the Project panel into bins.
  • Not all items in the Project panel have to be used in a sequence.
  • Switch between viewing information about clips and viewing interactive thumbnails by clicking the List or Icon button at the bottom left of the Project panel.
  • List view displays information in columns about each item, such as frame rate, media duration, and so on. Click a column heading to sort the clips by that heading.
  • Type in the search field to display only clips that match your search term.


Source and Program monitors

View your clips in the Source and Program monitors.


What you learned: Use the Source and Program monitors

  • Use the Source Monitor to preview clips before inserting them in a sequence. To play and pause playback use the playback controls, or press the Spacebar. You can also quickly drag (scrub) the blue playhead (current time indicator) at the bottom of the monitor to the section of the clip you want to play. Click the Mark In and Mark Out buttons to select a specific part of the source clip you want to add to the sequence.
  • Use the Program Monitor to play your sequence. The Program Monitor playhead is synchronized with the playhead in the Timeline panel.

Explore the Timeline panel

The Timeline panel is where you build sequences, apply special effects, change your soundtrack, and do much of the creative work assembling your video.


What you learned: Use the timeline

  • Time moves from left to right in the Timeline. Wherever the blue playhead is placed, you will see that frame in the Program Monitor.
  • You can place clips on separate video and audio tracks. Video tracks play as a stack, so a clip on an upper video track will appear in front of a clip on a lower video track when you play the sequence in the Program Monitor. Audio tracks play together, so you can create a soundtrack mix by positioning multiple audio clips on different tracks.
  • You can enable and disable individual tracks when you want to work on a particular part of your sequence.
  • Selection is important in the Timeline panel, so if things aren’t working out as expected, double-check that you have the right clip selected.
  • There are several tools to use in the Timeline and Program Monitor panels, but you will generally use the Selection tool, which is at the top of the Tools panel.


Presenter: Maxim Jago

Filmmaker: Devin Graham

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