Hotfix for outbound access in RoboHelp Server 11


Adobe has released a security hot fix for RoboHelp Server 11 Update 1, and prior releases.  This hotfix resolves an arbitrary code execution vulnerability that impacts users.

For more information, see Adobe Security bulletin (APSB21-87).


To resolve this issue, perform the following:


Prior to making any changes, make sure to take a backup of the WEB-INF folder and close all working instances of RoboHelp Server.

  1. Download and extract contents from the below zip file.


  2. Navigate to the WEB-INF folder where RoboHelp Server 11 is installed. The default install location is:

    C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe RoboHelp Server 11

  3. Replace the files under WEB-INF/classes/adobe/robohelp/server/ with contents extracted from the downloaded zip.

  4. Restart Tomcat. 

  5. Restart RoboHelp Server. 


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