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Applying workflows to digital assets is the same as for website pages. For a complete guide on how to create and use workflows in AEM, see Starting Workflows.

Use workflows in digital assets to activate the asset or create watermarks. Many of the workflows for assets are automatically turned on. For example, the workflow that automatically creates a rendition after an image is edited is automatically turned on.

If a workflow available in Classic UI is not available in Touch-enabled UI, like Request to Activate and Request to Deactivate, see Make workflow models available in Touch UI.

Applying a workflow to an AEM asset

For details of applying a workflow to an AEM asset, see Starting a Workflow on an Asset.

Applying a workflow to multiple assets

  1. From the Assets console, navigate to the location of the assets for which you want to start a workflow, and select the assets.

  2. Click the GlobalNav icon, and the choose Timeline from the menu to display the timeline.

  3. Click the Actions (arrow) icon at the bottom.

  4. Click Start Workflow.

  5. In the Start Workflow dialog, select a workflow model from the list.

  6. (Optional) Specify a title for the workflow, which can be used to reference the workflow instance.

  7. Click Start and then click Confirm in the dialog. The workflow runs on all the assets you selected.

Applying a workflow to multiple folders

The procedure to apply a workflow to multiple folders is similar to the procedure to apply a workflow to multiple assets. Select the folders in the Assets console, and perform steps 2-7 of the procedure Applying a workflow to multiple assets.

Applying a workflow to a collection

For details of applying a workflow to a collection, see Running a workflow on a collection.

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