Add some spunk to promotions and mailers. In Adobe Illustrator, design a sticker effect and use it to enhance your packaging or help you close a sale.

Teal plastic water bottle with colorful space stickers

Open our practice file or use your own. Start by adding a border to your sticker art. Select your artwork and choose Object > Path > Offset Path. Type an offset value, and then click Unite in the Pathfinder section of the Properties panel.

Click the Default Fill and Stroke icon at the bottom of the Tools panel, and then click Arrange in the Properties panel and select Send to Back.

The word “Space” is composed of shapes and gradients. Offset Path window is open and the word is outlined in black.

Try adding a small peeling edge to enhance the sticker look. With the Line Segment tool, draw a line intersecting the sticker shape at an angle. After drawing the line, note the angle measurement in the Transform section of the Properties panel — you’ll need it for the next step.

Switch to the Selection tool, press Shift, and select the larger outline shape and the line you just drew. In the Pathfinder section of the Properties panel, click More Options (three dots) and then click Divide. 

Diagonal line is added to the right corner to create appearance of a peeling sticker. Pathfinder > Divide option is selected

With the object selected, click Ungroup in the Properties panel. Then select just the larger shape and change its fill color to none.

Now select the smaller shape and transform it to look like a dog-eared edge. Alt/Option-click the center point with the Reflect tool and reflect it by the same angle as the line itself, and then position it. 

The Reflect tool is used to adjust corner shape and create the appearance of a downturned corner.

Select the dog-eared shape and change its fill color and stroke color. Then apply a Drop Shadow effect to add a slight dimensional quality to the peeling sticker.

The downturned corner is colored and a drop shadow is added to create dimension.

By adding simple edge details, we created a striking sticker to use in a packaging design or print ad without spending a fortune.

“Space” sticker with a black outline and downturned corner appears below original artwork.

Your search for the perfect sticker is over. Now you can create an attention-grabbing accent for any project, or simply print your design on adhesive-backed paper and use your custom sticker to liven up your space.

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