In this tutorial, you’ll explore how to quickly and easily mock up a text based layout and learn the different ways to add text, apply formatting to that text, and add type on a path.

What you learned: How to mock up a text based layout, add text, apply formatting to text, and add type on a path

Add text to your design

With the Type tool in the toolbar, you can add text to your layout in different ways.

  • Tap to create point type. Point type begins where you click and expands as you enter characters, and doesn’t wrap to the next line. It’s useful for headings.
  • Drag to create area type. Area type is text that wraps to fit inside a defined area (frame) and is great for creating paragraphs of text.
  • You can convert between point and area type by selecting the option you want in the Properties panel.

Format your text

There are several ways to change the appearance of your text: the common actions bar, the Properties panel, and directly on the text object.

  • After you add text, the common actions bar appears beneath the text. In the common actions bar, you can adjust the most commonly used formatting like text size, letter spacing, and more.
  • Also, after you add text to your project, the Properties panel opens. In the Properties panel, you can access all the font formatting options, including fonts, alignment, scaling, and more.

Add type on a path

  • Select text and a path.
  • Tap the Type options in the taskbar on the right and choose Type on a path. The text is added along the shape of the path.
  • In the Properties panel, you can adjust Type on a path options, like alignment.
  • With the Selection tool selected, reposition the text on the path by dragging the handle on the left edge of the text.  

Tip: Press the secondary touch shortcut by pressing on the touch shortcut and dragging to the outside ring, then dragging text near a path. The text is automatically added to the path.

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