With the Healing Brush, you can easily retouch dust spots from your photos, as well as remove small background distractions.

A person walking in winter clothing past a glass building with a white circle highlighting an area of the image

The Healing Brush tool in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lets you quickly retouch small spots and minor distractions. Simply click on a dust spot, and Lightroom will automatically choose an area nearby to use as the source for healing the spot. If you don’t like the results, you can set a different source spot by moving it to another location. 

Side by side images of a lighthouse with dirty lens specks on one side and little white circles around the specks on the other side

Take advantage of the Visualize Spots feature

Sometimes camera sensor dust can be hard to see in some parts of an image. Use the black and white view provided by the Visualize Spots feature to make sure you notice all the spots that need attention. 

Black and white inverted view of a lighthouse showing dirty lens specks illuminated

Remove simple background elements

The Healing Brush tool can also be used to remove other small elements in a photo, such as bits of clutter in a street scene or small distractions marring a scenic view. If the object you’re removing has an irregular shape, paint over the object to hide it. 

Side by side images of an old stone house with a sign in front which is removed in the right side photo

Retouch with heal or clone mode

The Healing Brush tool offers two modes: Heal and Clone. In Heal mode, this tool hides content seamlessly by blending the detail and color of the sampled area with the brightness of the area you’re retouching. In Clone mode, it simply copies the sampled pixels to the area you’re retouching. If you don’t get the results you want in Heal mode, try switching to Clone mode to see if it gives you a better result. 

Side by side images of two sheep running toward the camera, a dog has been removed from the background in the right-side image

Lightroom’s Healing Brush is just the right tool for removing dust spots and small distractions. For removing larger objects or retouching with more precise control, give the sophisticated retouching tools in Adobe Photoshop a try. Lightroom makes it easy to open a file directly into Photoshop and then save a copy with your Photoshop edits back to Lightroom.

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