Make the subject of your photo the focal point by creating a vignette in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC.

Choose File > Import Photos and Video and then add the sample photo, or use your own. We’ll show how the Radial Filter in the Develop module lets you create a vignette even if the subject is not in the very center of the photo.


Click the Radial Filter and drag to create an oval around the subject. Drag the filter to the appropriate area. Everything inside the oval will be affected by the adjustments you make with the sliders.


Experiment with the Exposure, Clarity, and Saturation sliders to create the right vignette effect for the subject of your photo.


See how you can draw the viewer’s eye to the subject of your photo with the Radial Filter.

enhance-photo-vignette-effects_step4_BEFORE enhance-photo-vignette-effects_step4_AFTER

Now you can create a vignette that makes the subject of your photo the focus of attention.


Adobe Stock contributor: alinakho

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