Quickly show your work to clients and co-workers, or share an idea instantly via email, text, social media, and more — all within Adobe Photoshop.

Racing bicycle leans against gray interior wall. Gray couch, black clock, and white and black artwork hang on the wall.

Note: You’ll need the latest version of Photoshop to use this feature.

Share your work now

Click Share an image in the Options bar at the top. You can share a flattened copy of your current document in one of two resolutions — at its original size or at a lower resolution to view online. Some features and the user interface may vary between macOS and Windows:

Share dialog box is open on macOS, Small option is selected to reduce file size. Sharing platforms appear in a list.
Sharing options on macOS

Share dialog box is open on Windows. Sharing platforms appear in a popup box.
Sharing options on Windows

This feature takes advantage of the native sharing setup in your OS, like email, messaging, and technologies like AirDrop (macOS). You can also share directly to services you’ve already authenticated like Facebook.

In macOS Share box, Facebook is selected

It couldn’t be faster — just type a caption and click Post.

Facebook status box opens with privacy and sharing options, Post button is highlighted, and image is shared to timeline.

You can also add your photo or design to your photos app or to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Photos for easy access.

To learn more, see Quickly share your creations.

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