Convert to DNG option disabled in Adobe Photo Downloader in Bridge CS6 on Mac OS when Camera Raw 9 update is installed

As a result of Adobe Camera Raw dropping 32-bit support on Mac, the Adobe Photodownloader in CS6 no longer supports the Convert to DNG option under Advanced options. The Convert to DNG is dimmed/greyed out.


  1. Quit Bridge CS6 if it is running​

  2. Download the file below:


  3. Unzip the Photo into a location of your choice (e.g. Desktop)

  4. control + click, or right + click, on the unzipped Photo and choose "Copy Photo Downloader" from the context menu

  5. Navigate to the Bridge application folder: /Applications/Adobe Bridge CS6​

  6. control + click, or right + click, on Adobe Bridge CS6​.app icon and choose "Show Package Contents" from the context menu

  7. In the package contents navigate to /Contents/Mac OS

  8. control + click, or right + click, and select "Paste Item" to paste the Photo into /Contents/Mac OS

  9. Click Replace when prompted and enter your credentials if prompted to confirm

  10. Restart Bridge CS6 and open the Photo Dowloader to confirm "Convert to DNG" is now enabled

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