Add a calendar

You can display news items or events in a calendar. Before adding the calendar, create some news items or events.

Create news items or events for the calendar

Add the calendar

  1. Open the page in editing mode by selecting Site Manager > Pages, and clicking the page in the tree view.
  2. Place the cursor in the content editor where you want to insert the calendar.
  3. In the Modules tab of the Toolbox found on the right of the editor, select News or Events, and then select Display Items in Calendar Format.
  4. Select All, News, or Events from the menu.

    The All option shows both news and events in the calendar. You can also choose to display items from a particular category.

  5. Click Insert.

    Business Catalyst inserts a placeholder tag representing the module. Example: {module_calendar,0,a}. When you publish the page, the module replaces the placeholder tag.

  6. Click Publish or Save Draft.