Creating and managing customer Web App items by providing secure customer service areas


When your customers submit inquiries on your website, these are called cases. When customers make purchases, these are called orders. Customers have the ability to create web app items that are assigned to their contact details. They can also add different items to their favorites list, which is stored with their contact details. The system keeps a record of your customers' activities and provides you with the ability to view these, but it also allows you to present the details of these interactions to the customer when they are logged in to a secure zone. This article describes how to display this information to your customers.

To be able to display the items that are attached to the customer's CRM record, the customer must be logged in into a secure zone in order for the system to identify that customer. To find out how to create a secure zone please click HERE. You will also need to go to customer's record and assign a username and a password to that customer and subscribe the customer to a secure zone.

So now you should have a secure zone and a customer that has a username and password and is subscribed to that secure zone. You are now ready to show the customer the items attached to his/her record.

Displaying Web App items

Once a customer submits a Web App using the Web App submission form on your site, this creates the Web App item in the admin console and assigns it to the CRM contact. You can also manually create the Web App item in the admin console and assign it to the contact

To display the Web App items that belong to a customer, please follow these steps:

  • Go to Website -> Web Pages and select the web page you want to place the module onto. Go to the Module Manager  and click on Web Apps.
  • Place the cursor where you want to insert the Customer Web Apps Module and select Display list of Web App items submitted by a customer.

You can now choose to display all items or you can filter them according to category, latest or individual random item.

You can also choose to customize this Web App module as shown below: 

Below is a definition of the customization options:

  • Target Frame - This allows you to specify what target frame this web app item will open in
  • use Backup Template - This allos you to specify whether the Web App list (backup) layout will be used instead of the standard list layout
  • Results / Page - This option specifies the number of items that will display per page.
  • Hide Empty Message - When there are no items to display, the system will display a standard message, this option allows you to disable this
  • Row Length - this allows you to specify the number of web app items that will display per row.

Once you have selected your options, you can then click insert. The module will be inserted onto a page and it will look something like this:


As mentioned the Creating a Customer Service Zone above, the customer must first be logged in for these orders to display. You can achieve this by making this web page secure.








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