Setting up Google maps functionality With Web Apps

Preparing Web Apps for mapping

With the release of our Web App mapping modules, you now have the ability to map out the data you and your customers add to your site. To enable this, we have added a new set of fields on the web app items that tracks the address. Before you can use this on your items, you must enable the functionality on the web app configuration page.

Once the address feature is enabled, you will be able to access a new section on each item that lists the addresses (and also have coinciding tags available for your layouts). When entering addresses, it is critical to enter the state field (for countries with states/provinces) with the correct postal service abbreviation. For example, enter "CA" not California, "QC" not Québec, and "NSW" not New South Wales. It's also important when importing data to import the correct country code (this is set automatically when saving).

In Google maps, there is a marker which shows the specific point being plotted. The map can display specific information about the point when the location is clicked. In our system, the "Web App Title" and "Web App Item Content" are the items that are inserted into the plotted point text. If you currently are using the item content field as a source for textual data in the web app, you may need to create a new field in your web app and then move that data over into the new multiline text field (if you do not want that data to be displayed on the mapping plot).

Moving Web App Content in existing items


The "Flag" of a Google Map pin is rendered with the contents of the Description section of the Web App item.   Therefore if you have this area filled out already you will need to modify it.

First, create a new multiline field in the Web App.

Then, export your web app items. Modify them in Excel by moving the current Item Content field into this new field.

Finally, import all your web apps again and the information will have moved, enabling you to use the content space for the information you desire to be displayed on the map.

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