Track your customers

Every action a registered customer makes is automatically captured and recorded in your integrated CRM database. For instance, when a customer fills out the Contact Us form on your website, a CRM record will be created for their email address, a case will be created including all the details of their submission, and the action will appear on your Live Feed.

In this tutorial, we're going to set up Workflows Notifications to alert you of customer actions via SMS or Email, and run through how to work with Customer records, Cases and Bookings.

Setting Up Workflow Notification

Workflows allow you to automate and streamline your business, including your customer service, enabling you to notify system users of various events, and require approval or input at certain steps of the process. A Workflow is a series of steps that are triggered by events such as Web Form submissions, Bookings, and Online Store Purchass. Learn more about Workflows here.

We're going to set up a simple Workflow to notify you when a customer submits a particular Web Form.

1. Create The Workflow

To create the workflow, go to Admin > Manage Workflows, and click Create a New Workflow.

Give the workflow a name (we'll use Notify Administrators for this example) and click Save, then Next.

2. Add The Notification Step

Under "Task Name", enter "Notify Me" and choose the Role Responsible (ie. The User Group you want to be notified - we'll use Administrators for this example))

From the "Notification Method" drop down menu, select either Email or SMS (we'll use Email for this example)

Lastly, if you'd like the notification email sent to additional emails, check the "Also Send Workflow Notification To" checkbox and enter the email addresses, seperated by semi-colons. Click "Save Step".

3. Assign The Workflow To A Web Form

Under Modules > Web Forms, select the Web Form that you'd like to trigger your new Workflow upon submission.

From the "Use Workflow?" drop down menu, select the "Notify Administrators" Workflow you just created.

Click "Save"

Every time this form is now submitted by a customer, the Administrators user group will be automatically notified via Email.

Working With Customers & Cases


All the functionality for searching, editing and exporting your customer records, cases (Web Form submissions), orders, bookings and sales opportunities can be found underneath the customer tab.

Click on the Customer option tab to bring up the database view for your customers, you'll find that only todays new customers are shown but you can change the filter (shown by the green arrow) to show customers who were added in the last week, last month etc.

Click 'View' next to any customer record to view their details.\

The detailed view of the customer record shows all the information that the system has collected through the webforms on your site such as their contact details and it also shows a customer specific live feed of their interactions on your site. You're also able to edit this record manually by clicking on the 'edit' button in the corner.

Cases, Orders, Opportunities & Bookings

Now that you're looking at a specific customer record, you're also able to bring up the cases, orders, opportunities and bookings that are associated with the customer by clicking on the appropriate action box button.

Click "Cases" to bring up the customer's Cases. This will give you a list of all the cases for that customer. Click on a particular case will show you the details of the customer's individual Web Form submisison. The data entered by the customer is collected and displayed beneath the case.

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